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Shoutouts Archive (13th March 2019)

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13th March 2019

Milly 23:39

Its going to be colder Helen ,with blizzards

Helen 23:03

Everything quiet in the barn right now.

Helen 20:46

It would be nice if the weather would be a little warmer for them. But at least no Beast from the East!

Milly 20:15

Thanks Dan😊

Dan 17:56

The lambs are back indoors for the night - they are in the pen on the left . quite difficult to see.

Helen 13:19

Good to see them up close, this morning.

Milly 12:07

Where are the lambs?

Milly 12:04

Oops...in the windswept weather.

Milly 12:03

Thats good Dan,I've been up there myself

Dan 09:49

These are Howard’s sheep. The primitives are all outdoors. This weather isn’t a problem for them ; they’re used to the windswept islands of Scotland

Cindy 09:08


Debbie 08:56

Good morning

Milly 06:25

Morning all

Milly 06:25

Im glad the sheep are indoors,

Milly 06:24

Listen to this awful weather !. Rain ,wind ,cold

"B" 05:17

Hope there are no more problem births.

Helen 01:33

Thinking of you. Hope you can do shift-work.

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