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Shoutouts Archive (10th March 2019)

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10th March 2019

Helen 19:48

Lovely evening, if I am looking at a live image. I'm only four hours behind you now. We're on summer time here (weird, because we still have snow on the ground.)

Milly 17:33

The cam's back,thank you ,and most of the snow's gone ,till later.

Helen 13:55

Thanks, Lynda! We will survive - and I hope you don't have snow.

Milly 13:47

Thanks Lynda. ...missing the cam😥

Lynda 10:51

sorry the cams down but Dan will surely fix it when he returns

Lynda 10:51

and here Milly

Milly 10:48

Snowing like mad here

Cindy 09:08


Milly 08:22

Ours don't go forward till the 31st.

Milly 08:18

Night "B"

"B" 06:18

Good morning Milly. Off to bed; we turn the clocks forward tonight, an hours less sleep & the older I get the harder it seems to adjust to time change.

Milly 06:09

Some snow forecast today !

Milly 06:08

Morning all

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