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Shoutouts Archive (7th March 2019)

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7th March 2019

Margaret 18:15

I always check the Camgrabs Showcase to make sure the pic I am going to save hasn't been saved by someone else.

Margaret 18:14

It's best to only save one of them "B"....

Margaret 18:13

I can only save it to the Camgrabs Gallery... not sure how to save it any other way

"B" 18:06

Thank you, I will try to keep it but would appreceiate if you would too. Thank you.

Margaret 18:04

I see the pics you mean... I can save it for you if you wish

Margaret 18:02

"B" go to the Gallery tab and click on Camgrabs... then find the picture that you wish to save and click on the heart

"B" 18:01

Whish I could save it but don't know how.

Margaret 18:00

Watch it Helen, you don't want to go too mad now.. lol.

"B" 18:00

Incrediable light at 17:50h the hill in thebacground is catching the light & looks red.

Helen 16:36

It's supposed to warm up tomorrow here - it's still -8c but might make it up to zero tomorrow! We'll all get our our summer clothes.

Helen 14:00

Hi, everyone.

Debbie 09:48

Good morning

Cindy 09:39


Milly 08:00

Morning all

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