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Shoutouts Archive (1st March 2019)

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1st March 2019

Dan 21:43

We wil ltry her again next year B. She's a fairly experienced mother, this would be her third year

Helen 21:00

Oh, so sorry, Dan! Was she a first-time mother? I hope she will be fine. A sad loss.

"B" 18:04

can be bred...

"B" 18:02

How long before she can bred again? I don't know about sheep husbandry.

"B" 17:48

Sorry to hear of the loss, maybe there was a malformation & it's natures way.

Margaret 17:36

Very sorry to hear this sad news Dan. I hope the others will be okay.

Dan 17:32

That is if they were alive when they came out. She;'s been given antibiotics as was trailing afterbirth for a while and being kept close to home with her mate so we can keep an eye on her.

Dan 17:32

Sadly one of our shetlands, Daisy, aborted her lambs today. We have not been able to find them as they cover a large area but we knew because she had the afterbirth hanging out the back of her this morning and she's thinner. They would be quite premature so wouldn't have survived long.

Milly 12:51

Wrong date on messages .

Cindy 09:08


Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Milly 07:11

White rabbit s everyone!

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