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Shoutouts Archive (26th February 2019)

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26th February 2019

Helen 17:54

Lovely clear evening not a cloud. Another nice day coming up, probably.

Helen 17:53

I hate it when I have to deal with computer problems. You have my sympathies, Sue.

Margaret 16:40

Thanks "B".... I wasn't sure what that was for. They should include a warning

"B" 16:03

Don't change administrative settings . It always shows in settings -unless you know about it - don't touch!

Margaret 12:40

Sue, if you like to or need to use another keyboard (not your laptop keyboard) you can buy a separate keyboard. I have one which I can use on my knee and have the laptop on a table in front of me.

Margaret 12:26

Not sure whether you would need to use this next bit but it says 'On the left panel there's the 'Change administratitve settings option'

Margaret 12:25

Control panel - ease of access - ease of access centre - use the computer without mouse or keyboard - uncheck the 'use onscreen keyboard option - click ok.

Margaret 12:21

Just a sec and I'll check

Susan 12:21

I haven't got windows 10 only Windows 7

Margaret 12:19

According to Google - go to Settings, then Ease of Access.... then select 'keyboard'. Select 'onscreen keyboard to on or off. I've not tried this so not sure if it will work.

Susan 10:48

can someone help me please,I need to get the onscreen keyboard off my pc but don't know how to do it,thanks to whomever helps

Cindy 09:12


Lexi 08:55

Good morning

Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Milly 08:12

Lovely sunrise, over the hill !

Milly 08:10

Morning all

Milly 08:10

Could do Helen ,but they can't take off us,what we have had ,it's been lovely

Helen 00:00

I hope it lasts but you might get a bit of the nasty, cold weather we've had this week - very high winds. I hope it misses you entirely and goes north of you.

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