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Shoutouts Archive (15th February 2019)

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15th February 2019

Helen 22:28

I saw Zorg. The owls are about, too. Nice to hear them again.

Helen 22:24

Thanks for the names, Dan. Lovely girls!

Dan 22:07

Zorg flying behind the trees in the background at 22.07

Dan 21:06

Yep; here’s a list of all the sheep we have who are registered: Myrtle, Peggy, Winnie, Meg, Mel, Patch, Heather, Daisy, Lyssa, Thora, Topaz, Gizmo, Nutmeg, Fulvia, Flora, Flavia, Fern, Freya, Georgie, Gaynor, Flame and Jasmine 🐏

Helen 18:01

I didn't realise you had a sheep named Myrtle. I have a friend in Halifax by that name. (She doesn't look at all like Myrtle the sheep!)

Dan 17:08

Milly *

Dan 17:08

That's Myrtle, Millu

Milly 17:01

That's a close up of the sheep

Helen 16:48

The hens are over on the far left..

Helen 16:46

It's fun, at this time of the afternoon, to watch them making shadows on the grass.

Helen 16:44

at the right time.

Helen 16:43

I've jsut checked in ast the right time.

Helen 14:46

A very large creature with many legs is crawling across the lens. A sure sign of spring.

Helen 14:45

Nice view but I really would love to see the bird feeder, too, when it's possible.

Margaret 13:31

Thanks Dan.. I like this view because it's nearer the ground and the sheep.

Dan 13:20

back in the sheep field. needed rewiring due to water damage on the connection

Helen 12:23

I hope you get nice weather for the weekend.

Milly 10:46

Beautiful day !..cold but nice.

Cindy 09:11


Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Milly 08:06

Morning all

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