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Shoutouts Archive (14th February 2019)

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14th February 2019

Helen 22:49

Some folks in the Dales have already heard the curlew. I hope yours is back.

Helen 19:32

Wonderful. We are under a foot of snow here.

Dan 18:05

greening up read yfor the ewes and lambs

Helen 12:53

This is probably my favorite view. I can hardly believe how green it all is.

Helen 12:52

Beautiful view - and, even more wonderful, the bird feeder.

Susan 10:38

Sheep right near the rdge of the field

Milly 09:41

The original, i think

Milly 09:39

We're in a different field!

Cindy 09:12


Milly 08:35

Washings out !

Milly 08:35

Morning all

Debbie 08:33

Good morning

Margaret 07:42

It's unfortunate that we can't see the lovely sky this morning.

Helen 02:17

Here's a humorous look at Canadian winter (right now) [link]

Helen 02:17

We must be back outside - I can see the lights from town.

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