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Shoutouts Archive (1st February 2019)

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1st February 2019

Helen 22:32

Susan, that was a lovely piece you posted. Thanks for the link.

Helen 22:31

I am sad about Wispa, but happy that he doesn't have to struggle any more. He was a lovely little sheep. I hope his expected offspring will be healthy ewes.

Milly 17:22

The wind is bitter now

Susan 15:44

Wispa in over Rainbow Bridge.playing with all the sheep that has gone before him.[link]

Milly 14:06

Ok Dan ,thanks

Dan 12:10

no Milly - he only went to trawden and malham

Margaret 11:31

I was sorry to read, this morning, that Wispa had lost his fight. That was a lovely tribute to him Dan...

Milly 11:31

Did Wispa go to the Skipton show Dan?

Dan 10:40

A little tribute to wispa: [link]

Milly 10:28

Aww..so sorry .

Cindy 10:19

So sorry about Wispa - he was such a handsome ram.

Dan 09:44

he will live on in the lovely offspring he produced, in the form of gizmo our lovely ewe and also any lambs that thora and topaz produce this year. I really really hope they have ewe lambs.

Dan 09:40

We decided to have him put down as he massively deteriorated yesterday, having shown some signs of minor improvement over the last two weeks.

sarah 09:40

Aww bless his heart but like you say no more suffering

Dan 09:38

Good morning everyone. I am sad to report that Wispa is no longer with us, but happy to report that he is no longer suffering.

Cindy 09:04


Debbie 08:37

Good morning

Milly 07:09

Snowing here too

Milly 06:52

Don't know what happened there ? ...it went twice

Milly 06:49

White rabbits !

Milly 06:47

Morning Sue and all......

Milly 06:47

Morning Sue and all.....

Susan 06:33

We got snow

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