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Shoutouts Archive (31st January 2019)

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31st January 2019

Helen 17:43

Thanks for Camgrabs, Dan! My account seems OK now.

Dan 16:59


Dan 16:59

I'd like to let everyone know that "CamGrabs" are now, finally, after all this time, back online

Dan 16:58

Welcome Helen ,sorry you've been having problems with the site

Helen 16:04

That should read 'really lovely'!

Helen 15:54

Let's see now if I can really post - I have seen beautiful sights of the frost on trees and bushes on another Dales page. Really love.

Helen 15:54

Somehow, the site keeps logging me out again. This is my fourth attempt.

Helen 15:52

I've tried three times to log in - lets see if this is successful.

Dan 15:10

We've fed the sheep today in another field (where it's less exposed).

Dan 12:40

I've added a few little widgets to the camera view - a live viewer count and some links to subscribe to the channel (get updates when I post a video on the channel)

Dan 11:37

Lovely scenes

Milly 10:18

Thanks Dan ,its better now the freezing fogs lifted ice on everything inc my car

Dan 10:16

camera back on tghis beautiful morning

Cindy 09:28


Debbie 08:47

Good morning

Milly 07:15

No cam?

Milly 07:14

Morning all

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