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Shoutouts Archive (27th January 2019)

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27th January 2019

Helen 23:11

Very strange - I can hear one, so the camera must be in the barn. Sound works!

Susan 22:21

No picture in England

Helen 22:08

It could be my internet and might explain why there is no picture, either.

Helen 22:08

My account is not being recognised - this is my third attempt!

Margaret 16:55

Lots of sheep

Helen 16:32

Thanks, Margaret, good idea.

Helen 14:41

Nice shot of the sheep.

Helen 14:40

Oh, the camera just switched! I did see Wispa standing up by the bucket but now we are outside, in the wind.

Margaret 14:10

We order things throughout the year not just at Christmas and I, for one, would appreciate having that reminder there.

Margaret 14:10

Hello, with all the good things you are giving Wispa, let's hope that it helps to get him back to full health. I wonder, Dan, is you could put the easy funding banner back on this page. It's a reminder to use it when ordering things..

Lynda 14:00

The " lick " that Dan refers to is in the red bucket nest to Wispa and contains all manner of minerals, vitamins and supplements, all stuck together with molasses which is a form od concentrated sugar.,... all of which is designed to boost the health of sheep

Dan 12:36

He also has the freedom of the outdoors - around the corner is an open door which leads to fresh grass and the company of other shep.

Dan 10:14

The majority of farmers would have had him put down weeks ago, but we are too soft for our own good.

Dan 10:13

This breed is susceptible to liver problems, and some diseases can cause chronic wasting, so he has had everything he can to get his liver back on track and to get his digetion going again. If he dies, we may consider having an post mortem to identify the cause of death, but alas, our money isn't a bottomless pit and each one of these items is costly.

Dan 10:12

Hi all, Wispa has been seen by the vet last week. He did not recommend taking blood tests as a) he wasn't sure what to test for and b) Wispa was in such poor condition he would struggle to get a vein. He was given medicines in the form of fluke treatment, vitamins, steroid and 2 x glucose jabs. He is getting regular extras in the form of peas, maize and barley on top of ad lib hay, water and the lick. He has everything he could possibly need, so it is just a case of time.

Cindy 09:24


Milly 09:03

More porridge?

Milly 09:00

Looking for more food

Milly 07:14

Morning all

Milly 07:13

Wispa's eating now !

"B" 04:58

Thank you Helen. Just checked in & Wispa is on his feet , seeming to have a snack from whatever is by the bucket - I guess sheep snack at night too!

Helen 00:14

The vet said that his digestive system isn't working as it should. I think the problem is that the fourth part of his stomach isn't functioning. [link]

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