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Shoutouts Archive (23rd January 2019)

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23rd January 2019

Dan 17:36

I've just given wispa some ivy . It's been suggested it will help kick start his appetite again as it's still very poor.

Dan 17:36

Hi B, not really, they only really shake themselves when their fleece gets wet.

"B" 16:59

Hello , Do sheep "fluff" themselves up - like birds when cold?

Helen 16:57

They look fat and healthy. I hope Wispa is doing well.

Helen 16:56

There they are!

Helen 15:13

What a beautiful day there. I see you've had a bit of snow. Wet and messy here, wet snow and rain.

Milly 13:12

Lovely colour,the sky!

Milly 13:10

Lots of sheep today

Milly 12:19

Someone sneezing

Milly 12:16

Wonder if Wispa among them

Milly 12:13

Hoping for some more !

Milly 12:12

I like this,a sheep lying by the food trough !

Milly 12:10

It is Dan,but icy

Dan 11:55

Beautiful day

Milly 10:00

Lovely sun rise, but very cold !

Debbie 09:35

Good morning

Cindy 09:16


Dan 09:04

Just in time for the sun to peek over the horizon

Dan 09:03

Cameras back - please refresh,

Milly 07:11

No pic?

Milly 07:08

Morning all

Milly 07:08

Yes im fine sarah 😊

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