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Shoutouts Archive (19th January 2019)

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19th January 2019

Susan 21:45

Give him porridge every feed and he wil get better as it has different vitamins in it.

Dan 19:51

Just got him indoors for the night. He came in and was a bit unsteady. He is still a long way off being back to normal.

Helen 18:29

Great news. Probably feels much more like himself outdoors.

Milly 17:29

Good news then 😊

Dan 16:34

He's taken himself outdoors and is grazing around the farm yard at the moment.

Helen 15:14

No, he's there, and moving. Come on, Wispa, you can do this!

Helen 15:02

Not getting a signal. This might be a bad sign. Hope not.

Helen 14:46

I just read a very funny story on Facebook of a sheepdog pup which herded a whole small flock of sheep into its owner's kitchen. Not only that, but the sheep belonged to another farmer. Back to school, puppy.

Helen 14:44

I think I see him, standing up? Or is that just my eyesight?

Dan 13:17

Wispa is still with us, looking maybe a bit better. He's had a second dose of glucose and have given him the freedom of the outdoors if he chooses to get some grass.

Cindy 09:16


Milly 06:13

Ok "B",sleep well ,,night!

"B" 06:11

I'm just off to bed, later than usual - it's past midnight here

Milly 06:10

Yes definitely movement

Milly 06:09

Hope so

Milly 06:07

Morning "B" i think there's movement.

"B" 06:05

Morning Milly, Not sure if the movement is Wispa or just thr computer pic. I sure hope he makes it.

Milly 06:03

Morning all

Milly 06:02

I think i saw some movement in there.hope Wispa,s ok.

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