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Shoutouts Archive (18th January 2019)

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18th January 2019

Helen 22:27

I hope Wispa makes it. That's quite a set up he has - looks like a bed-sitting room.

Dan 17:53

Might as well put the lambwatch camera on Wispa as there are just raindrops on the othe one.

Dan 17:52

Yes it was snowing but it's stopped now, all wet and rain.

Susan 17:43

is it snowing on the farm as seemingly it's snowing in Skipton pretty bad

Dan 16:17

Wispa is looking a bit brighter this afternoon.

Dan 16:16

There are some diseases which pass from mother to offspring, via the colostrum.

Dan 16:15

We have Cindy. It is very unlikely that his offspring will be affected by what he may have, however there is a possibility he may have been born with a condition which he inherited from his mother.

Cindy 14:36

If Wispa has sired any lambs it would be better to know if the cause of his illness will affect his offspring. Have you spoken to the people from whom you purchased Wispa.

Helen 12:33

Poor Wispa. He is one of my favorites. But I think porridge is a great cure of many things!

sarah 11:47

Oh bless his heart

Dan 11:43

The good news is he hasnt got hyperthermia

Dan 11:29

The vet gave him a good looking over and said his heart is beating rhythimcally unrhythmically, his lungs are working overtime and his digestion is quiet in the 4th stomach. So it looks like poor wispa is slowly shutting down

Dan 11:27

Such is the life of a sheep farmer.

Dan 11:27

Well he's been given a shot of glucose and a steroid to try and get him to eat. If he doesn't start eating soon, he will most likely die, and even if he does, his organs may not recover. Poor wispa. The vet has given him a 5% chance of survival. If he dies, we need to decide if we should go for a full post mortem to see why he died, but we are not sure if we will or not, as it is a very expensive excercise, and only if he dies today or sunday afternoon / evening, will it be possible, due to the lab not being open at weekends.

sarah 10:57

Fingers crossed for him

Dan 09:43

I've put hte camera back on the field as the vet is coming now and want Mr Wispa will want his privacy

Dan 09:29

You can see him now, he is getting the warmth of the heater on his face.

Dan 09:27

oats and hay i have read are good to get their energy levels back up

Dan 09:27

I'e just given him some porridge which he seemed to enjoy

Cindy 09:15

Hello - good luck Wispa

Debbie 08:51

Good morning

Milly 08:22

Morning all

Milly 08:21

Hope Wispa comes through x

Dan 08:17

Let’s hope he can help with Wispa too.

Dan 08:15

Here is the video: [link]

Dan 08:11

I’m pleased to say Wispa is still alive but still hardly full of life. Nick the vet is coming out this morning to have a look at him. Nick is the same vet that came out all those years ago and was featured in the vet call out video clip.

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