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Shoutouts Archive (31st December 2018)

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31st December 2018

Susan 23:41

They hadd a downpour in Sydney just before 12 midnight but never mind.

Helen 23:32

This is the first New Year's Eve in many years on which it is pouring rain. This will really dampen festivities anywhere in this part of the world, including New York.

Susan 20:52

Sea/Water around Bondi is 20c lovely amd warm....

"B" 18:56

Sorry Susan, I lost the capital letter from your name.

"B" 18:55

Hello, Thank you susan for the link. I wish everyone health & happiness in the coming year.

sarah 18:30

Would like to say happy new year to one and all xx

Susan 17:07

Just watching Bondi beach,quite a few people there already.

Margaret 17:01

I was just about to say the same... Thanks Sue. The same to you and everyone on Lambwatch.

Helen 16:59

Thanks, Sue! The same to you and good health.

Helen 16:59

Days getting a bit longer already. Not pitch black here at 5.00 p.m.

Susan 16:26


sarah 09:48

Good morning all

Cindy 09:20


Debbie 08:55

Good morning

Milly 06:33

Morning all

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