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Shoutouts Archive (10th December 2018)

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10th December 2018

Margaret 15:18

Okay Dan.. yes it was good to chat with you too. Take care

Margaret 15:16

Yes, a conversation that didn't require typing... lol. It seems settled now.

Dan 15:15

i must go out now margaret and do the rounds iot was nice to chat to you!

Dan 15:14

yes i noticed that too. they went all wierd!

Margaret 15:13

Comments have gone haywire

Dan 15:12

they are good thank you Margaret

Dan 15:12


Margaret 15:11


Dan 15:11

i got the trailer out ready to take him off "down the road". so far the threat worked quite well

Margaret 15:10

How's the family... all well I hope..

Dan 15:10


Margaret 15:10

See if he ends up in the field tomorrow...

Margaret 15:10

He has learned his place

Dan 15:09

if harry had put up a fight, there would have been, but i dont think harry put up a fight, he's too small compared ot lance

Dan 15:09

i didn't see any, just a lot of chasing around

Margaret 15:08

Would there have been some head butting etc...

Dan 15:06

i am hopeful that lance was fending off harry when he joined him with his hareem

Dan 15:05

we will see, it was last night. so i've got my eye on him. i suspect there are no shetlands in season at the moment as lance (our shetland tup) is also got a roaming eye today, but he's an old chap and not got the energy for all this leaping business. he just stares longingly over the river at the bottom lol

Margaret 15:03

He was just having a night off when he didn't wander..

Dan 15:01

nope. one side of it is a brand new stock fence, the other side is a mess all along

Margaret 15:01

Would you know which part of the boundary that needs building up?

Dan 14:59

yup. it's the time of year. if the ewes he is with are not in season, he will go and find some that are. the north ronaldsays are notoriosly problematic

Margaret 14:59

Ooohhh you have a problem then..

Dan 14:58

he is like a deer

Dan 14:58


Margaret 14:58

Is he athletic and able to jump over the fence

Dan 14:58

yep, a nuisance. It appears no wall or fence is untackleable.

Margaret 14:57

He has a roving eye.. and determination

Dan 14:57

but i must confess he is a naughty boy and his card is marked

Dan 14:57

i haven't looked properly. i will maybe have a look if he escapes again

Margaret 14:55

Anything that might be feasible?

Dan 14:54

i had a quick google and it seems there is a big price range.

Margaret 14:54

Yes, you have a good point there Dan. Just a thought..

Dan 14:53

i think i'd rather get a proper one, as i dont want it to cause injury to him while he is escaping, if it got caught on a branch or wire or something

Margaret 14:52

It could go in a plastic bag..

Dan 14:52

lol good idea, im not sure how water proof it would be though

Margaret 14:52

If you had an oldish mobile that you could use for tracking, would it be easy to strap it to him?

Margaret 14:51

As you said though, it would depend on the cost.

Dan 14:51

yeah i am sure it would be a useful gadget. Like a criminal tag to put on escapee

Margaret 14:49

Maybe give it some thought as to whether you could use it for another purpose once you've found out where Harry is escaping from.

Dan 14:48

Yeah, i've definitely thought about it. but i don't really want to spend money on one though i havent looked at how expensive they are

Margaret 14:47

Sneaky boots... hehe.... would it be worth fitting a tracker? It would be interesting to find out where he is getting through.

Dan 14:46

he does. I've bolstered the boundary twice, and it's a double-fenced boundary to start with! I've inspected it twice and can see no sign of how he's getting out.. no wool or anything on the wires

Margaret 14:46

Ah.. he obviously knows a place that you don't know about lol

Dan 14:45

into this lambwatch field with the shetlands

Margaret 14:45

Where does he get to when he escapes?

Dan 14:44

I did wonder about that Margaret!

Margaret 14:43

Hi Dan.. you could try fixing a tracker to him ...

Dan 14:12

This morning is the first morning in a few days we've woken up to find him where he should be. We just can't figure out how the monkey is getting out!

Dan 14:11

good morning all. Over the past week we have had a problem with an escaping North Ronaldsay tup: Harry (so called as he has a track record of escaping)

Cindy 08:55


Debbie 08:55

Good morning

Milly 07:21

Morning all

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