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Shoutouts Archive (25th October 2018)

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25th October 2018

Helen 21:35

Yes, Margaret, I saw that, so I was hoping I really was seeing them, and not a mirage.

Margaret 21:07

Dan did say last week that sheep would be in the field from last Monday, if I remember correctly.

Helen 20:20

Well, then, if the time and date were right, the sheep are back in the field, unless I was hallucinating, which is possible. I've been helping an elderly friend pack up for a move, and I might not be seeing straight.

Margaret 18:23

It's raining where I live as well as at the farm...

Margaret 16:50

Hi Helen, the date is correct as is the time....

Helen 16:22

I'm counting five sheep if this is a real picture!

Helen 15:39

Sorry, "B" - I will pm you.

Helen 15:39

Thanks, Dan. Hello, all.

Dan 12:38

Hi all, i've just found a bug on our "contact" page which has meant it hasn;t worked for a while. If you've been trying to contact us using that page and had no response, please try again. I am sorry it hasn;t been working for a while!

Cindy 09:13


Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Milly 05:35

Morning all

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