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Shoutouts Archive (17th October 2018)

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17th October 2018

Helen 22:22

Yes, it is, Milly. And they have all their wits, too. I hope I still have mine when I am done.

Milly 12:51

Wow.thats a good age !

Helen 12:15

Hello all. I'm away from home, but it's so nice to tune in and see that beautiful landscape. You won't believe it but I am packing very, very old nuns up to move to their new residence. It's a chore, but lots of laughter, too. (When I say "Old", I really mean it - 98, 99, 104 and others who are up there, too.)

Debbie 08:56

Good morning

Cindy 08:52


Milly 06:16

Morning all

"B" 04:48

Is there a way to reduce the file size of the images, as when attaching to an email?

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