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Shoutout Messages

Helen 20:55

Sheep alert, right now.

Neil 20:27

Thanks Helen, I've seen various through the day, There's some good evening munching in front of the cam at the mo. I'm retiring...Sweet Dreams All...

Helen 14:35

There were three or four in a huddle at about 11.00 a.m. They must have moved on.

Neil 11:26

The sheep must have been hiding somewhere ..perhaps feeding, as there weren't any in view when I looked in earlier!

Helen 10:58

Good morning, folk. Lots of sheep in view this morning.

Ric 09:31


Neil 09:16

Good Morning Folk, Certainly better weather for many of us Folk, & probably the woolly coated Sheep too, Enjoy your day....

Cindy 08:43


Debbie 08:33

Good morning

Milly 07:22

Morning all.

17 Aug
Ric 19:07

Hi everyone!

Milly 17:28

Much better today cooler ,in facf cold this morning, back to jumpers.

Helen 17:26

A young, lively sheep just ran across the field at a gallop and here comes another. What's happening? They are on the move, for sure.

Helen 11:31

Good morning, all. Hope things are better there, weather-wise/ Enjoy the rest of your day.

Neil 11:20

Good Morning Folk, Thank goodness for overnight rain & cooler temperatures, at least in the East Midlands, I hope you can all enjoy a reasonable day & night ahead...

Cindy 08:43


Debbie 08:30

Good morning

Milly 07:04

Morning all.

16 Aug
Helen 11:04

Good morning, everyone. It looks as though your weather has eased. Now for some rain, in moderate amounts.

Ric 10:15

Morning all

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