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Shoutout Messages

Gradon 19:09

I think it was actually a Backbird Helen

Dan 18:37

Just one left to lamb now!

Helen 17:39

If it's only a black bird, it's OK, but not a crow or raven. It will blind the lamb.

Helen 17:38

There's a large black bird near one of the lambs. I hope someone can scare it off.

Helen 17:37

"B" I'd like to know who she is. I think she has a pretty little lamb.

"B" 17:03

Yes Susan, I think that is the ewe that has been spending her nights by the camera...

Helen 14:06

Another warm day. Lucky you!

Susan 09:22

Love the sheep with two black patches round her eyes.

Cindy 08:56


Neil 08:20

Good Morning All..it looks like another sunny morning...hope the sheep don't suffer the ehat too much with their nice woolly coats...

"B" 06:49

Good morning or night in this part of the world...

Milly 05:04

Morning all

Helen 00:33

I wondered about the homepage, myself, but thought it was probably something I had done (what do I know about computers?)

Helen 00:32

Am I hearing the owl? I am certainly hearing a few lambs who are up to shenanigans not far from the camera, but there's a strange call. Maybe it's one of the new babies.

21st April 2019
Margaret 21:54

Hi Dan, it was fixed for a while but it's gone back to how it was...

Susan 21:02

Now it's a bit cooler the lambs are having a rare old time racing round the field.

Milly 20:09

Evening all

Margaret 19:13

Thanks Dan..

Dan 19:06

I shall fix it in due course

Dan 19:06

I dont know what has happened to the homepage!

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