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Overcast clouds Overcast clouds, 20°C,    5mph

LambWatch MultiScreen

At various times of year, and, technology-permitting, we sometimes broadcast multiple webcams, particularly at lambing time. You can view them all webcams on this page.

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Helen 11:04

Good morning, everyone. It looks as though your weather has eased. Now for some rain, in moderate amounts.

Ric 10:15

Morning all

Debbie 09:17

Good morning

Cindy 08:51


Neil 08:42

Good Morning Folk, Much more pleasantly cooler here in Stamford, No rain yet, but looking overcast as it does at Marlfield, Hopefully enjoy a better day Everyone....

Milly 05:27

Morning all. Just a few spots of rain so far.

15 Aug
Helen 11:24

Good morning, everyone. I hope this day will make a difference in your weather. Take care of yourselves.

Neil 09:04

Good morning Folk, no rain here yet in Stamford, but at least it's a little cooler, ... but still rather muggy! ...enjoy your day Folk...

Cindy 08:43


Debbie 08:38

Good morning

Milly 08:19

Morning all.

14 Aug
Helen 20:44

I know what you mean - you don't need a flood, either.

Milly 17:50

Thanks Neil, i hope so too.

Neil 16:23

As they often say, Milly, it doesn't just rain,... it pours! I hope you won't be having too many flooding problems! Good Luck!

Milly 15:08

Trouble is Helen, when it starts it doesn't know when to stop .

Helen 11:24

Have a great rest of the day. I ust checked your temperature - your nights are not bad, but you do need rain.

Helen 11:23

Good morning! I see some contented sheep in the shade. Smart girls.

Neil 09:52

Good Morning Folk, Sunny, but hopefully 1 of the last really hot days for awhile... Enjoy your Sunday....

Cindy 08:32


Milly 07:35

Morning all.