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Motion Detection Alert Feedback

This topic was originally posted on the 16th January 2019 by Dan. It has received 1 reply and was last updated on the 16th January 2019 by Helen. If you would like to reply to this topic, please ensure you are registered and logged in.

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Hello all,

I have this week created a new system which will send an email alert whenever motion is detected on our webcam. If you'd like to subscribe to these alerts, please click here.

If you have subscribed to these alerts and have some feedback, please share it here or contact me.

If there is a lot of activity, you will not receive any more than one alert in any ten minutes of activity.

Thank you to those who have used the system so far and helped iron out the glitches. It should be a lot more reliable now.

If you have any feedback or comments or questions, please feel free to post it on this thread.

It's a great idea.  Unfortuantely, my computer goes off about 30 seconds after I leave it, so I won't hear the signal unless I'm on line, but it's worth trying.  Thanks, Dan.