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A small update...

This topic was originally posted on the 22nd August 2016 by Dan. It has received 6 replies and was last updated on the 24th August 2016 by Margaret. If you would like to reply to this topic, please ensure you are registered and logged in.

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The farm is going through quite an important transitional phase at the moment and we are making some exciting plans I will post updates when I have them, on the news page, but in answer to questions, below:

1. The registered names of the Boreray sheep now you have officially registered them as bred at Marlfield Farm.

They are not yet registered but when we do so, their names are Boris, Monty and Flo. Two boys are Monty and Boris, with the black necked one Boris, and the other Monty. Flo is the only female lamb we have at the moment. We are getting some more Borerays in mid to late September. As this is such a rare breed, they are quite hard to come by (and expensive!!)

We are also hoping to get some North Ronaldsay breeding stock, but nothing is yet confirmed, but we're close!

We will be posting am update when everything is confirmed and once they've arrived.

2. Are the new Shetland sheep named or registered.

They are not named or registered. We will do this when they arrive. We need to be part of the shetland sheep society before we can do this. We've sent our form off (today) and so we will register them when they arrive.

3 Will a Shetland ram be amongst the new flock.

Not yet, we wont be breeding them this year as they are all this year's lambs. But they are all female. And if they prove to have good fleeces, then we will be breeding some (maybe not all as breeding hinders their fleece) next year,.

4 Will we ever be able to watch the rare breeds on a webcam.

Of course! Patience is required As well as technology playing ball! We are actually "resting" the LambWatch field, so I will get the technology sorted so as to look at the new breeds very soon (before end of August hopefully).

Thanks for answering all my questions Dan - all your plans sound very exciting ..... and I promise to be patient !

You're welcome! Here are some pictures taken from this evening. There's also a video on our Facebook page.

Lovely to see the Boreray flock close-up - I still like Jacob the best with his magnificent horns he looks so majestic.  This year's lambs have grown-up fast and seem a lot more tame than earlier this year. I hope some of your rare breeds win a lot of rosettes at the local agricultural shows next year when you have had time to train them to behave in the ring. Thanks for the photographs.

Hello!  I wrote a response to this yesterday sometime, exclaiming over the wonderful photos, but somehow forgot to submit it.  Lambwatch is still the best show there is, and I love it.  These are great pictures, Dan.  Thanks so much.  Helen

Lovely pics Dan!   It all sounds exciting ☺Can't wait to see the new one's  ðŸ˜€

Thanks for the photos Dan.  I was very impressed with Jacob's photo.  He looks like he owns the place... lol