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Webcam Issues

This topic was originally posted on the 13th July 2016 by Dan. It has received 10 replies and was last updated on the 15th July 2016 by Milly. If you would like to reply to this topic, please ensure you are registered and logged in.

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Hello everybody.

I'm really sorry for the lack of webcam over the last few days. It's actually proving to be somewhat of a mystery as to why this is happening. I wonder if it is due possibly to the new wiring in our kitchen causing interference with the "powerline" connectors linking the webcam with our network. Sorry for the lack of updates too... the kitchen still isn't finished and life has been a bit stressful of late as a result.

To give you a quick update, we have decided to name Flame's boys as Boris and Monty. They are all doing very well still, in fact some may say too well, as they are a bit fat! We went to Great Yorkshire Show yesterday and visited the RBST tent where there were some other Boreray on display and they were somewhat slimmer! Jacob is getting his new coat nicely and is looking very fluffy. Flame is looking very dark as her new fleece develops and Jasmine is looking nice and fresh too. Both mothers are still milking their lambs but I can't see this happening for too much longer.

We will soon be separating Jacob from the women so we can have a better estimation of lambing time next year and are still on the hunt for some other compatible Boreray. We have purchased 6 very attractive shetland female lambs and they will be landing in August / September time. This breed is reknowned for its very soft fleece and we hope to make the most of what they are happy to provide for us next year!

Again, sorry for the lack of updates and cam. Things have just been all over the place lately and are hoping to settle down very soon. I shall keep endeavoiring to get the cam going when I have chance.

Thanks for that very interesting update - so the total flock of Boreray sheep is three girls and three boys. It will be fun when the Shetlands arrive keeping them separate from the Borerays. Will you have to purchase a Shetland ram for the six new sheep ? Sorry about the webcam mystery - hope you don't have to demolish the kitchen to find the fault in the electrics !!

Hi Cindy - I am sure there will be fun times ahead especially as Boris and Monty are being left "in tact". We may live to regret that! But they will develop handsome horns this way and be very presentable. We won't need a shetland tup immediately as the shetlands are this year's lambs so they won't go into any breeding programme until next year if we decide that's what we want to do!

I think my usual electric point has given up the ghost so will source a different one. Once I find one that works, we should be back online

Do you think that you will show the Boreray and Shetland sheep at local agricultural shows in the future. I suppose all the "boys" will get along with each other until the breeding season but I would imagine Jacob will always be "king" as he is the oldest. How is Heather doing with her spinning of the wool? I know it is expensive to buy Boreray and Shetland knitting wool.

I hope we can see some photographs of the kitchen when it is finished ..... good luck with all your hard work.

Thanks for the update, Dan!  I envisage more fencing in the future, both to keep the breeds apart and to keep the boys in check.  It will be a very interesting menagerie, for sure.  When you get time, please post a few photos so we can see how they look.  Interesting times ahead, I think. I hope the kitchen work is going well.  Good luck with it all.  I miss the cam but I know that in time you will have it sorted.  FInishing the kitchen is more important than entertaining us!

Hello all,

As one door shuts, another door opens! The webcam in the "Rushy Field" is now working after the other one ceased. So I am now pleased to announce we have a webcam back and it's looking at the Borerays so you should be able to see them.

We do hope to take them to shows one day. I would like to halter train them to make them more manageable and also for showing. We may take some to Trawden show on 14th August this year if we can fit it in! Wow that is close already!

Heather is going to the local spinning guild in August too and will be taking the Boreray fleece. It needs another clean before though.

Hope you enjoy the return of the webcam and fingers crossed it lasts longer than 15 mins!


Thanks  Dan for the  update ,sounds  interesting, I thought you had deserted us,for a while ☺

Thanks  Dan for the  update ,sounds  interesting, I thought you had deserted us,for a while ☺

Sorry,it went through  twice 😯

Nope not deserted Just been a bit preoccupied with other stuff

Yes Dan, I read about your new kitchen, I hope it's all coming together 😊