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Flame has twins

This topic was originally posted on the 29th May 2016 by Heather. It has received 7 replies and was last updated on the 3rd June 2016 by Dan. If you would like to reply to this topic, please ensure you are registered and logged in.

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At about 6pm today flame finally had twins! She has one boy which is black and white and we think the other is a girl that looks just like Flo. I had to help her with the second as it was stuck with its head out and a leg back. 


Congratulations on the birth of Flame's twins and well done to you Heather for helping with the second lamb.  Twins!!  That is wonderful news... 


Congratulations Heather for dekivering the lamb.


Lovely news about Flame's twins and Dan will be a bit annoyed he missed the birth.


What great news, and kudos to Heather for helping!  This brings the total number of Borerays to 6, a nice little flock.  Hope we see a photo soon, after Dan comes back.


Good new;s at last smileysmileysmiley

What a relief that Flame has finally given birth to two more lambs to add to the Boreray flock ........ congratulations.

Yay, Congratulations Flame and to you Heather for helping with the births

We just got them all in today and had a look and can confirm that both Flame's offspring are male! One is black and white and the other is brown and white!