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Thinking of you all in the storm

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My thoughts and prayers are with all of you as another storm moves in.  I saw something interesting about the reason for these - a very warm current of air moving up the Atlantic toward the Pole is causing a clash of cold and warm air along the jetstream and moving a lot of moisture in your direction.  I hope everyone will be OK.  Love you all,  Helen

Thanks Helen from all of us.



The Lone Ranger rides again, but I'd rather post something again about the storm, which seems to be doing considerable damage, especially to my friends in York and Leeds.


Stay off the A93.  It is washed out.


Weather for North Yorkshire  [link]  You may be over the worst by the weekend.

Thanks Helen ,We have'nt done to badly,although its stopped a lot of our travel's ,over xmas

Thanks, Milly.


Hope you get through the stormy weather again😳

Not been too bad ,We've had worse,

The wind is howling ,but i dont mind that ,

Cumbria came the worst off today ,

And anyone who is flooded out,Bad new'si really feel for them