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Has Anyone Heard from Helen.

This topic was originally posted on the 16th August 2015 by Sue. It has received 20 replies and was last updated on the 15th September 2015 by Helen. If you would like to reply to this topic, please ensure you are registered and logged in.

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Hi Everyone,,,

Has anyone seen or heard from Helen lately.

She hasn't been on the site since 7th August and getting worried about her now.

I just hope and pray she is ok and away with her relatives.


Hi Sue,

I was only thinking about Helen this morning and wondering if she is okay.  

Will send a few messages to try and find out.

I wondered whether I had missed her saying that she was going away but now I know both Sue and Margaret are worried it is obvious something strange has happened to keep Helen from LW. I hope and pray she is ok.

The last message i got from Helen was 29th July,,,Not heard anything since

I was getting worried too,

Helen mentioned aThey had a holiday for Canada that weekend ,

but nothing else

I do hope she' ok


I havent heard anything via LambWatch but she has posted a message or two to me on Facebook about postings I have made... I am not aware of anything and do hope she is OK too. If you hear from her please let us know

Just looked at Helen's FB Page and she hasn't posted  on there since 5-45pm on the 7th August..


Very Strange.

Hope she is ok.


I sent Karen a message to either get me Helen's phone number or try and contact Helen herself.

At the moment Karen is ringing round Helen's plae of work and other contacts that live near Karen.

Karen is leaving messages and a contact number for them to ring Karen ASAP.


Thanks to Karen we get to know something.


A good idea Sue.  It's becoming more and more worrying as time goes on.  I've heard nothing from my messages that I've sent.  

Please all  of you read your private messages.



There is a message on Lambwatch FB page from Karen saying that Helen will be chatting to us all next week  

That is such good news.   

I have'nt got a reply from my messages i sent to Helen  either ,

Thank goodness for that Karen !

That is such good new's  smiley

Thanks must go to Sue for contacting Karen to find out how Helen is otherwise we may not have known anything for another week.  

Yes thats true ,Thank you Suesmiley

Yes thank you Sue and Karen for all your work in getting touch with our friend Helen and look forward to seeing her around the site again very soon! xxx

Well, dear, wonderful friends, this silly girl thought she'd create a little excitment so she pulled off a heart attack.  No permanent damage, but very tiresome and tiring, both.  I wasn't well for about ten days before I fell on Sunday the 9th and spent a very long time on the floor unable to get up. I finally worked my way to the phone, knocked it on the floor and before I could figure out how to use it, my brother called from out of town so I asked him to dial the emergency number like your 999, and help arrived swiftly. I really do feel fine but very tired.  Thanks you, each dear one, for your love and concern.  The blessing in all of that is that Karen and I have a mutual friend whom I taught 40 years ago (and haven't seen since) and this friend, Josie, tracked me down by phone to the hospital and we had a lovely chat.  The angels must have worked overtime to make that connection, from Lambwatch to Penetanguishene to my former student.  I will be in touch to respond to personal messages in the next few days.  Love and hugs to you all!

ANd one of the blessings of this whole edperience was to discover how loved I am.  People just came out of the woodwork - I think I had the busiest schedule of visitors of anyone in the hospital.  Had to come home to get a rest.



You were a very lucky lady with your brother ringing at just the right time and getting that ambulance for you.

May you go from strength to strength with your recovery and hopefully get back to being 110% full health.

But no rushing round now and take everything slowly.

Hugs for you.


The latest!  Just wanted to let you know that I am out of "captivity" although it was self-imposed, and have left the nursing care section of the building where I am staying.  I head home to Guelph on Monday, all being well, and meanwhile am back in my "old room" where I used to stay in Toronto when I came for meetings.  What no one can explain is how I accumulated so much "stuff" while I was supposed to be resting and recuperating.  Oh, well.  Thank you again for all your kind wishes and loving thoughts.

Meanwhile, Dan and Heather have been in Canada and didn't drop by for a visit.  Should I feel hurt?  Well, disappointed, at least.


Hi Helen,

Thanks for updating us and it's great to see you back on LambWatch, your virtual home

Please don't feel hurt or disappointed about us not being able to drop by for a visit. We we only there for 15 days and we had a packed itinerary around BC and west Alberta. We covered 2000 land miles in that time in our little rental car and hundreds more by water too, so we were very busy. To have fitted in the huge distance over to Ontario would have added many many more days (although I know it would be worth it!)

We would love to have stayed for longer and seen more of the country and the peoples (including yourself) but alas we were restricted on how much time we had. We'd have loved to venture into the Yukon and Alaska but we had to miss out on them too. What a wonderous place! The people too, so very friendly!heart


Well, Dan, you will just have to come back!  You haven't seen Niagara yet!  And the Northern Ontario wilderness (and polar bears, for as long as we have them) are worth a visit.  But I'm glad you saw as much as you did - it's a very big country.