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"Flockstars" on ITV

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Flockstars on ITV with celebrities taking the role of a shepherd

What did we all think of the new "Flockstars" TV programme series first shown last night on ITV in the UK?

I was quite looking forward to it, for obvious reasons, and I have to say that I quite enjoyed it, although they could have probably fitted more challenges into a single programme (they only fit two rounds in the whole half an hour!). The concept was interesting: take a bunch of people who have never had any experience of shepherding sheep and challenge them, with the help of a trusty and well-trained sheep dog assistant, to learn the skills and round up a bunch of sheep around a course. I am not sure who was assisting who though; she sheep dog assisting the celebrity, or the celebrity assisting (or trying to) the sheep dog! I think it was the latter.

It was interesting to watch them develop and to see their training. Sheep dogs are amazingly intelligent creatures and they listen to every word. I think the sheep were quite familiar with the course already which I am sure was very helpful

All in all I enjoyed the first episode of Flockstars and was able to overlook the cheesy catchphases (like "Release the sheep!!" from the presenter. It was very "ITVified" and I will be tuning in to the next one, although I wish they would fit more into a single programme. I am sure they could do away with a lot of the fill and padding, focussing more on the celebrities as they train and then perform with their sheepdogs!

What do you think? Did you enjoy it? Did you see it? If not, it can be watched again on ITV player here if you would be interested in watching it. Let us know what you think. I hope more of this kind of stuff appears on the telly.

I watched it and did enjoy it.  Lesley Joseph's challenge should be interesting.  I did hear that Tony Blackburn couldn't get to grips with the challenges so that also should be entertaining.  It was funny to see the sheep jump over the barrier.  I rather think the dogs make the celebrities look better than they actually are and I think the rest of the series should be a good watch.  It's worth watching if only for the gorgeous sheep dogs and the feisty sheep!    

I don't know where the heading went but I've just put it back again.

I enjoyed it too smiley


Are you enjoying Flockstars?