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Please vote for LambWatch!

This topic was originally posted on the 20th July 2015 by Dan. It has received 10 replies and was last updated on the 28th July 2015 by BRGoodwyn. If you would like to reply to this topic, please ensure you are registered and logged in.

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Hello everybody!

We've been listed on "EarthCam", which is one of the world's biggest directories of webcams! We'd love it if you could vote for us on there by clicking the little stars on the bottom right of our listing!

Vote for us by clicking the stars here >>


All done and shared on Facebook too ...... smileyyes

Thanks Margaret!


Done Dan

Done.  Do we vote only once?  I'm willing to pad the ballot box if necessary.


Hi Helen,

I think only once is necessary thank you as I suspect their system will be able to identify multiple votes

Thanks anyway and you're welcome to try but I wouldn't want you to waste your time

That being said we are on page two of the most popular webcams on that site:


So maybe the multiple votes are working! It doesn't say anywhere how many votes the webcams have so it's hard to tell!

I shall keep on voting every day - some days I have voted twice !

voted and im sure I voted when you first put this up.


I voted & will try to do so often.