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New Cams

This topic was originally posted on the 24th June 2015 by Sue. It has received 3 replies and was last updated on the 2nd July 2015 by Dan. If you would like to reply to this topic, please ensure you are registered and logged in.

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Well Massive Thanks to Dan,Heather,Lynda and Howard for the new cams.

They are absolutely brilliant with wide screen pictures and such clarity.

Love them and each morning I can't wait to look at the field with the sheep and lambs on.


3 Cheers for all them.

I second what Sue said, The cams are brilliant ,

Thanks everyone smileysmiley

Well said Sue.... hip, hip, hip ... hooray!  hip, hip, hip .... hooray!  hip, hip, hip .... hooray!!  smileyyessmiley


You're very welcome! The LambWatch cam has been replaced with one of the new ones we got for this year's lambing season in the barn which is HQ and much better technology!

CamGrabs are working reliably too and are currently taking pictures every 30 seconds (this may change as my server runs out of disk space!)

Glad you're enjoying the new cam! Please do feel free to tell your friends and family about it, share it on the social networks etc