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New Website Engine

This topic was originally posted on the 27th December 2020 by Dan. It has received 6 replies and was last updated on the 6th January 2021 by Dan. If you would like to reply to this topic, please ensure you are registered and logged in.

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Hi everyone, I have today released a new "engine" for the website. Nothing has really changed, except you will be asked for your registered email address when you login, instead of your username.

The website should be exactly the same otherwise but hopefully you will notice an improvement in speed and performance.

If you notice any problems, please do get in touch with me either by email or using the contact us link on the website. Thanks!

Looks good 🚛

Worked fine on initial signing in.  

Glad it worked for you Margaret 🙂

One thing I also meant to mention is that registered users who use the forum will need to reupload an avatar pic for their forum posts if you wish to use one.

To do this, visit your profile page under the community or account menu or alternatively here is a direct link: [link]

It's working well - thanks, Dan.  And I found a photo of myself that was taken in England, so I added that.  Thanks for all your work, Dan, and Happy New Year to you and all your lovely family.


Everything seems to be working well. I added a profile pic I took a couple of months ago to document my Covid hair.

The new website is now fully launched and seems to be working well. The camgrabs are also back online for you to view screenshots which are taken, currently, every 20 seconds. You can save your favourite to the "showcase".