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Marlfield Borerays create new flock in Ayrshire

6 Borerays, including 5 bred at Marlfield Farm, have gone to Ayrshire in Scotland to create a new breeding flock of Boreray.

On Wednesday 8th August 2018, six Boreray ewes from Marlfield Farm, including five who were born and bred at Marlfield Farm (LambWatch HQ), traveled up to Ayrshire in Scotland where they will form a new breeding flock of Borerays.

The day was filled with mixed emotions: sadness to see these lovely animals leave the farm, but happiness in the knowledge that they have gone to a very good home where they will be cared for, and which is closer to their ancestral home of Boreray! I am sure they will feel very much at home there. The ewes will be used to create a new breeding flock of Boreray to help support this wonderful breed.

The six Boreray ewes who make up the new flock include Marlfield Flo (the first ever Boreray to be born at Marlfield Farm), Marlfield Flossy and Marlfield Poppy (ewes from 2017) and Marlfield Bracken and Marlfield Lucky (ewe lambs from 2018). The sixth Boreray to join them is Flora of Babylun; a ewe who we bought in a couple of years ago. We thought six would be a good number for a new flock and so Flora, who is a lovely animal, made up the numbers.

We wish them all the very best of luck in their new venture, both the keepers and the animals, and look forward to finding out how it all goes! Here are photos of the animals who now call Ayrshire their home:

2018 Ewe Lamb (Marlfield Bracken)

Fully registered ewe lamb from 2018. Sire: Marlfield Boris, Dam: Fern of Babylun.

Boreray ewe lamb for sale

2018 Ewe Lamb (Marlfield Lucky)

Fully registered ewe lamb from 2018. Sire: Roecroft Jacob, Dam: Flavia of Babylun.

Boreray ewe lamb for sale

2017 Ewe Shearling (Marlfield Poppy)

Registered Marlfield Poppy. 1st place primitive ewe lamb at Trawden Show in 2017. Sire: Roecroft Jacob, Dam: Backforest Gorgeous

Boreray ewe hog for sale

2017 Ewe Shearling (Marflield Flossy)

Registered Marlfield Flossy. Sire: Roecroft Jacob, Dam: Westfield Jasmine

Boreray ewe hog for sale

2016 Ewe (Marlfield Flo)

Registered Marlfield Flo. Sire: Roecroft Jacob, Dam: Westfield Jasmine

Boreray ewe for sale

We don't seem to have a photo of Flora on her own but here she is on the right of this picture below in her breeding group last year with Boris and co....

Boreray ewe for sale


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Ahh, you will miss them, for sure. But they had a good home with you for a while.

How marvellous Dan. That must be quite an accolade. Do you have any Borerays still on the farm now that these six have moved? Could you keep us informed as to how these six get on please?

How many Boreray sheep are left remaining at LW? It was only recently I commented on Chat that according to the Daily Express there are only 595 Boreray sheep registered in the UK and I asked how many of those were at Marlfield Farm. Hope the farmers in Ayrshire keep us updated on their new flock.

Its true.they were well looked after at Marlfield!..but I will miss Flo x

Oh yes we still have Borerays at the farm. We have 9 ewes, 3 rams and 8 wethers. We will miss the sheep too and look forward to hearing about their progress. We will keep you posted of any news we get.

It will be good to know.thanks Dan