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LambWatch is 10 years old!

This year marks the 10th anniversary for LambWatch! We've been live streaming life "down on the farm" all year, every year, since 2008!

LambWatch 10th Anniversary Logo

LambWatch is 10 years old this year! 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of our live streaming webcam "down on the farm", featuring all the action at LambWatch HQ throughout the year, every year, since 2008.

There have been some real highlights over the years, some ups, some downs, some laughs, some tears. We're proud of what we've achieved and the future looks bright. Why not take a moment to look back at some of the highlights at LambWatch....

  1. BBC North West Tonight Feature in 2008
  2. The Spirit of LambWatch
  3. Tribute to Billy the Sheep
  4. A Close Encounter
  5. Lynda welcomes BBC Radio 2's "Web Cam of the Day" Listeners

The blog archive is full of videos, organised by year, so why not take a trip down memory lane and have a look at some of our video highlights from 2008.

It's been a real privilege providing the world with a virtual "breath of fresh air" via our live streaming webcam, and thank you so much for all your support! Here's to another 10 years!


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Looking at the old highlights clips, it goes to show how much more improved the current webcam picture is! Ah it's good to look back

How fast the 10 years has passed and a lot of Lambwatchers have chatted since the start of the site. Well done to Dan for his expert web designing and for the participation of all the Procter family throughout the years.

I can remember wanting the original "lambwatch sign." I wish I still had the time to come in like I use to. What fun we had.

Not forgetting the visits of some your viewers.


Thanks for the Link Fi. It was good to see the visit again that we made to the farm back in 2008.