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"White Rabbits" and "The Beast from the East"

It's been an eventful 24 hours as "The Beast from the East" cleared it's throat at LambWatch HQ! We've been hit with snow, blizzards, wind and ice!

We traditionally welcome in every new month by saying "White Rabbits" to bring luck for the month ahead. This month, it wasn't just the rabbits that were white!

For the past 24 hours, "The Beast from the East" has bellowed and roared, bringing snow, ice, blizzards and more, causing chaos around the UK. Here at LambWatch HQ, we have been doing everything we can to keep the animals (and ourselves!) safe, warm, fed and watered. It's been a challenge, of course, but, I feel, we must remember even in the harshest of natural conditions, there is beauty to be seen if you look a little deeper.

This little video montage is a celebration of the past difficult, beautiful and unique 24 hours at LambWatch HQ.


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How very beautiful that all is, even with all the challenges it presents. When I said "White rabbits" at 2.00 a.m. this morning (your time) I didn't expect it to mean much more than a "Hello" and "good luck" for the first of the month. You've turned into a beautiful montage of scenes around the farm, and a beautiful 'mothering' Heather, too. Stay well and warm, all of you. I'm glad you don't have to bring the sheep down from the fells, as others are having to do. Take care, all. Thanks for the photos!

A fascinating video to see just how much snow you have had at the farm and great to see Lynda and Heather. The photos of the sheep were good to see and the background music was ideal.

It's a lovely video.but it's been a awfully bad storm.glad to see the sheep are coping better than me.

Snow always looks beautiful when looking through a window but it is a nasty experience when farming. So glad the storm came before the little lambs arrive. Hopefully Spring will appear soon with some better weather.