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Super Blue Moon

Watch the "Super Blue Moon" on 31st January 2018 set at LambWatch HQ as it passes over the sky, behind the tree before setting at dawn.

January 2018 ended just as it started at LambWatch HQ: windy, rainy, and blanketed in cloud. It meant that we were unable to enjoy the "moonrise" of the eagerly-awaited Super Blue Moon. But as January came to an end, so too did the tempest. In the early hours of the new month, the clouds cleared, and everything fell calm: Mother Nature had set the scene for the appearance of the Super Blue Moon.

In this time-lapsed video you can enjoy this magical phenomenon as it was captured on our LambWatch webcam. Watch the moon trace a shining path across the night sky, casting an ethereal light, passing behind the tree and eventually disappearing below the horizon at dawn, heralding the arrival of February.

In the media we did hear mention of a "Super Blue Blood" moon, but unfortunately, in the UK we were unable to see the "Blood" element, as this is caused by a total lunar eclipse, which only occurred in certain parts of the world. Read more about it here.


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There is an audio soundtrack to this video. If you turn your speakers on and volume up you will be able to enjoy it.

I enjoyed the time-lapse video and I thought your choice of the music was just right. I had a look out of my window this morning but it was a bit too cloudy to see the moon properly.