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Boris is British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"

Well done Boris! We think you deserve to be British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"!

Every week the British Wool Farm chooses a "sheep of the week" to promote on their Twitter page. We have just found out that this week, Boris has been chosen as this week's "Sheep of the Week"! We nominated him with the photo we took of him gazing longingly over the wall into the field of ewes who he will be meeting on 5th November.

Boris is Sheep of the Week

We feel Boris makes a great "sheep of the week" to represent all things British Wool. He looks great too on their Twitter banner photo! Well done Boris... you deserve a sweetie I think! Boris's fleece is available to buy along with our other Boreray fleece in 100g balls of Yarn. For more info please see the Boreray Yarn page. Why not check out British Wool's Twitter Page as well to see Boris enjoying pride of place on their banner photo while he's "sheep of the week"!


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congratulations Boris ,"Well done "

A good looking sheep keeping a watchful eye on his king...er...sheepdom !