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Marlfield Farm Boreray Yarn

Our first ever Boreray shearling yarn has arrived back from the mill at LambWatch HQ today! It looks great!

Today we received our Boreray shearling yarn; back from "The Border Mill" where we had it processed from the raw fleece into wonderful Aran weight yarn in 100g balls. We have 25 balls of Boreray yarn. The next step is to add labels to them and then they will be available for sale! This marks an exciting milestone moment for the farm as we take our first steps into a new industry and product line. This yarn has come from the wool of Boris, Monty, Flo, Flora, Flavia, Fern, Freya, Fulvia and Fiona, our lovely Boreray, born in 2016.

Boreray shearling yarn made in the UK

We are in the process of setting up a website where the yarn will be available for sale. It is Marlfield Yarn. Feel free to have a browse, though there is not yet much to see!


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