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Knitted Flame and Jasmine Available Now!

In order to help support our work, and to assess the level of demand, we thought it might be fun to offer this cute pair for sale via an auction.

Artisan knitted sheep made at LambWatch HQ with Marlfield Boreray yarn. A perfect gift for children and adults! Here they are, sitting quietly on a fallen tree trunk, being modelled by the Boreray sheep themselves.

This cute and cuddly pair have been hand-made with the hard-wearing Boreray fleece of Jasmine and Flame - complete, even, with guard hairs! Flame's darker fleece was used for their faces, ears, feet and tails while Jasmine's lighter fleece was used for their bodies. They have been hand-made, over a period of about several months, at LambWatch HQ: sheared by Dan, washed and spun by Heather, and finally knitted by Lynda. Here's their story....


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