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Gaynor goes into "intensive care"

Gaynor has recently developed a very hobbly leg so we're keeping her in "intensive care" and hoping to see an improvement.

On Wednesday, Gaynor, our 8 year old Boreray ewe suddenly became very lame on her back left foot. We got her in and checked her feet but there was nothing obviously wrong, but she was given an antibiotics jab just in case. She's not made any improvement and so we've been advised by the vet to keep her confined over the weekend so she can give her leg a chance to rest in case it's been caused by an injury. We will be keeping a close eye on her over the weekend and fingers crossed we will start to see an improvement. If not, we may have to look at putting her on some pain killers. She's about 4 weeks away from lambing, and she's probably only carrying a single lamb, so it seems a little early for it to be caused by the lamb inside, but you never know with sheep! Fingers crossed she starts to improve over the weekend. I am hoping to set up a camera on her too so you can see from the website too.


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Very sorry to hear about Gaynor but I do hope that she will get better by resting up. I wish her well very soon.

Hope she is ok ! maybe the lamb is touching a nerve,

Good luck to Gaynor - hope it isn't arthritis as I know from personal experience the pain of walking around. She looks very comfortable in her special pen.

Thanks for putting the cam on her little pen, so we can see her close-up. She seems quite content to be resting, and she has company, and food, so I hope you see an improvement in her condition soon.

After a few days rest at night and light exercise during the day she seems to be improving quite a bit so one or two more days respite and she'll be hopefully good to go back with all her mates. The other lamb you see with her is Fulvia, she is Gaynor's female lamb from last year and she's keeping Gaynor good company while she's recovering.

Very good news Dan.

Gaynor is getting better every day. We are hoping to let her go back with her mates tomorrow after storm Doris has been and gone! Until then she will be nice and cosy in her pen with Fulvia, both sheltered by the farmhouse.

Just a quick update. We've been keeping our eye on Gaynor and she's a lot better now. She's walking pretty much 100% normally now

Great news Dan.