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Welcome Gaynor, Georgie, Fern, Flavia, Fiona, Flora, Freya and Fulvia!

What a mouthful! These are the names of our 6 new Boreray sheep: 2 adults and 6 lambs. Welcome to LambWatch!

Welcome Gaynor, Georgie (full name Gorgeous), Fern, Flavia, Fiona, Flora, Freya and Fulvia! These are the names of our 6 new Boreray sheep: 2 adults and 6 lambs.

They arrived last night and were ushered into the shippon where they will spend the next 24 to 48 hours, settling in, after their long journey up from Peterborough. They immediately tucked into their fresh hay and seemed to settle in quite quickly. They will then be released onto the pasture with the others.

You can watch them live on camera in the shippon. You can tell a contented sheep because it sits down and chews its cud for long periods, and we're pleased to see our new girls do this already!

New Boreray sheep at LambWatch HQ


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Welcome to the girls. They settled quickly because they know a good home when they see one ...

Saw them arrive last night and they immediately strolled in and started eating. The light coloured one and also the dark one have magnificent horns - they both look very good Boreray sheep and will perhaps win rosettes if they are shown next year. I really love all these pedigree sheep now living at Marlfield.

I haven't seen much of them, but I do love their names. I'm sure they are happy in their new home.

Lovely to see them all together,living in harmony ! WHY can't people do that ?

We noticed on Wednesday that two of the new Boreray lambs started to develop very mucky bums (one on Wednesday and one on Friday). We got poo samples from the first one and had it looked at by the vet. We think they have a bit of gastroenteritis as a result of their worming, so they are both on a 5 day course of Norodine which is an antibiotic. Their first jab was yesterday and after one day their symptoms look to be improving which is great news. The two lambs affected are Flora and Fiona. Flora can be identified with a red bit of tape on her horns and Fiona can be identified with a yellow bit of tape on her horns.

I hope they will be completely well very soon.

Sorry to hear about Flora and Fiona being off colour. I hope they are well again very soon.

Oh dear!,,,get well soon

Hope Flora and Fiona will soon be better and that they don't pass on their problem to the other sheep.

They're recovering nicely We gave them their injections today and tidied up their back sides and they are definitely showing signs of improving. Hopefully by Wednesday they should have completely cleared up.

Hoping they get better soon. Will watch tomorrow to see if I can spot Fiona

They've both made a good full recovery! Fiona has a little yellow tape on her horn and Flora has two brown tapes on her horns so you can see them if they wander by!

Fern now has a mucky bum so we are assuming she has the same ailment as Fiona and Flora. She's a heavy lamb (18.4kg) so we will be giving her 1.1cc Norodine for a few days (3 or 4 depending on when her poo improves!)

Maybe even 2 days as she doesn't have it quite as bad as the other two. She can be spotted with a red tape around her left horn.

Hugs to Fern, get better soon

Fern has recovered now! All fit and healthy again.