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Introducing the Boreray to the Shetland sheep

Today we put all our female pure breeds together in the same field, in preparation for tupping time in late Autumn.

Today we separated out the female pure breeds from the males at LambWatch HQ, in preparation for tupping time. We put all the female Borerays with the female Shetlands. After sorting them out into their separate fields, we gave them a tasty treat together in front of the LambWatch webcam.

In this video you can see all the females together. The males are elswhere, out of eye and earshot, so there are no distractions! We will reintroduce them to their respective breeding groups with their tups later in the year.


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Lovely video... I enjoyed watching the way you encourage them to feed from your hand. Eventually they will all do so. Happy music too. I gather you will have to separate them again to have their own breed tup to do the business, so to speak...

Lovely to see all the different colours of fleeces together in one field. It made me smile to watch the Shetland chase the hen around the feeding trough. They can certainly run fast when they see food arriving in the field. They are a really adorable flock of pedigree sheep.

Lovely video !Lovely to watch them all together

What a lovely video. It's clear to see that the "taming process" is going well. The music was an interesting choice - I expected a troupe of costumed Eastern European dancers to come dashing out on the field, but the sheep were lively enough on their own.