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Welcome Shetlands!

Today we welcomed 6 female shetland lambs to LambWatch HQ! You can watch them live as they settle in to their new home.

We're pleased to announce the arrival of six new female shetland lambs to LambWatch HQ. They have travelled down from the Laverick's farm near Catterick and arrived at around midday today. They seemed to be immediately comfortable with their new surroundings, pottering quietly out of the trailer and into the shed, where they will stay for a while until they are a bit better acclimatised to their surroundings.

It hasn't taken them long to settle in. They seem very happy and content within hours; chewing their cud and browsing around their space. We will turn them out onto pasture within 24 to 48 hours where they can run free on pasture which has been rested for a while, so they will have plenty of clean tasty grass. We can't wait!

The shetlands are renowned for their quality fleece, as well as their friendly temperament and hardy nature. They are good grazers and will make great lawn mowers (and tree mowers!) too!


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They look very fine and it's good to see another different breed. I love the colours of their fleeces.

These sheep are adorable - I would love to keep one of the dark brown coloured Shetland in my garden.

They are nice looking sheep 😊