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First ever Boreray lamb is born at Marlfield Farm

After many weeks / months of waiting, the first ever Boreray lamb has arrived at LambWatch HQ!

On Monday 9th May, 2016, after what's felt like months of waiting, Jasmine produced the first Boreray lamb to be born at Marlfield Farm! Both mother and lamb are doing very well, enjoying this lovely spell of weather we're having! Her lamb is white with some nice markings around the neck, ears and nose. We don't yet know if the lamb is male or female but we will find out later today. We wanted to let her settle down after lambing before having a look!

The lamb's father, Jacob, and grandma, Flame looked on happily. Flame is due any time and is looking imminent! Here are some pictures of the little family...


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Awww,It look's lovely !Thank's Dan for the photo

She picked a good sheltered spot to lamb!

Adorable little lamb. The start of the Marlfield dynasty of Boreray sheep.

Flame too has now given birth to twins! We think one male and one female but we will hopefully confirm this in the next day or so!

Little Flo is now a strong little lamb with two small horns