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Welcome Jasmine, Flame and Jacob!

LambWatch is now home to Jasmine, Flame and Jacob: a breeding family of rare breed native Boreray sheep.

We're excited to announce that LambWatch is now the home of three Boreray sheep: Jasmine, Flame and Jacob. This fascinating breed of sheep is rated "Endangered" on the Rare Breed Survival Trust's "Watchlist", so we are thrilled to be able to support them at LambWatch.

We have the two females, Jasmine and Flame (Jasmine is Flame's daughter) and the tup, Jacob. They've been together for a good long while and so we are hoping that come the spring, we will see the first new Borerays born at LambWatch!

They arrived just before Christmas and seem to have settled in very well at LambWatch. They are a hardy charismatic breed and we look forward to watching them and their ways in the years to come. You too can watch them as we've setup our LambWatch camera pointing into their field. They seem to go out of view at night (they like to sleep under the shelter of the trees) but you should see them wandering about during the day grazing away the rough grass.

As well as being very endearing, we hope to use these sheep to graze our rough pastures to promote conservation. We also hope to use their fleeces for wool (though they naturally shed their fleece so we will need to step in before this happens!). In time, as the flock grows, we also hope to use them for meat too... they make great sausages!

It's quite an exciting and significant moment for LambWatch HQ. Getting these Borerays is our first step away from the commercial breeds of sheep and our first step into the very exciting world of rare breeds. There's more information about the Boreray breed of sheep on the RBST website.

Be sure to stay tuned to LambWatch as we will be posting updates on their progress! In the mean time, please say hello to Jasmine, Flame and Jacob...! Notice their full registered names...!

Westfield Jasmine


Backforest Flame


Roecroft Jacob


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They look beauties.If you need any advise contact Adam from Countryfile,His Father started the Rare Breed Society.

Jacob looks very handsome and I love his spectacular horns. I am so very pleased that Lambwatch is helping the rare breeds as they will have such a big fan base to watch them flourish via the webcam. Hoping they have a long and happy life at Marlfield Farm.

Terrific news. How wonderful that you have taken this step. They sound like a great addition to the farm. Congratulations.

I didn't realise until I did some reading (Wiki) that they are "St Kilda" sheep. I have a friend in Scotland who is very interested in St. Kilda and visits at least once a year. I will pass the Lambwatch news on to him.

Very good news to see the new rare breed sheep at the farm. They look great and look forward to seeing them in the field. Welcome to Jasmine, Flame and Jacob.

Good news ,i'm looking forward to seeing them !

Just testing!

According to the RBST article, ewes birth 1.4 lambs per year. I'd like to see that 0.4 lamb. The breed sounds like a good one for you. Hope they do well and l ook forward to seeing their lambs.