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A nuthatch arrives at LambWatch HQ

We're excited to see a nuthatch arrive at our feeder this morning!

A nuthatch has arrived at LambWatch HQ! We are excited because we haven't seen them here before, at least, not on our feeder... In this clip the nuthatch skips around the feeder. You can see its distinctive black line from its beak, past its eye and to the back of its head. We're 95% sure its a nuthatch but would love confirmation from more expert birders!

You may need to make the video larger to see the detail on the nuthatch.... To do so, simply click the button in the bottom right corner of the video, while it is playing, to make it go "full screen".

For more information on this bird, please visit the RSPB website here.


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The photo on one of my calendars has the picture of a nuthatch this month and it does look very similar, if not the same as the one on the video. I have posted a photo on Facebook (Lambwatch's page) ..

Sure is a nuthatch, we don't have them here in NZ but spent hours watching them in Wales last year.