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Preparing the barn ready for winter

We've been sorting many of the outbuildings lately and today we've been clearing the barn floor.

Clearing the deep litter out from the LambWatch HQ barn ready for the winter and for spring time next year. The barn floor is divided into separate areas, and this particular area is a mixture of cobbles, earth and stones, which makes it particularly difficult to clean! But with the help of a shovel, pick axe and heavy duty brush, we got there!

There are different areas of flloring in our barn, which is typical of barns on this age. The tractor is parked on the threshing floor, which is a flat flagged area where in times past the farmer would thresh the grain at harvest time. This area is much easier to clear because it is smooth.


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Enjoyed it very much. Just a few minutes of work but it looked so entertaining!!

I've just updated the music to a more chilled out song!

The film makes the job look so easy whilst when I watched you working live via the webcam it looked very hard labour. Hope you don't ache too much today. The music reminds me of the old black and white films of Charlie Chaplin ! Anyway I think the barn floor looks a lot better and thanks for letting the LW gang watch the event live.

Mum and I have been going over it again today with pick axes to get a nice clean finish. We hope to complete tomorrow!

Whew !!,That looks very hard work !

I agree with Cindy; I was able to watch the work going on 'live' but wasn't able to join in the conversation. It did look very hard work in real time but love this fast-moving video and the music.