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LambWatch steps towards self-sufficiency!

We have today signed on the dotted line for the installation of new solar panels to power LambWatch HQ!

Today we have set the wheels in motion to install solar panels at LambWatch HQ! We hope to have the panels installed on the south facing side of the barn roof by the end of September! We need to decide how many we want to put on there (and this all comes down to budget unfortunately), but as a minimum, we are looking at a 4kW system, which will provide green electricity to power the farm. It's an exciting, green, step forward and we can't wait for it to start supplying and powering LambWatch HQ!

Our current plans do not involve any storage of any excess electricity, so if LambWatch HQ does not consume it, then it will be fed back into the grid, where it will go on to power others with the lovely green LambWatch generated energy! We will of course take lots of pictures during the installation and post them here!


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How exciting. Along-time dream coming to fruition.

This is the best thing ,anyone can have ,i know a couple of people who have them,But its the initial cost, "Very expensive " ,

They're expensive initially but we are hoping they will have "paid for themselves" within 10 years or so, thanks to the governments feed in tarriff incentive!

Yes ,they do pay for themselves in time ,My neice has'nt paid an electric bill in years,in fact she gets money back off them !

Cool, that is great about your niece! Never paid a bill in years? They must have a fancy system! We aren't storing any excess so it's going back into the grid so any electricity during the night will be coming from the grid, which means, we will have a bill to pay, but it should be less. Yes, it's a wonderful bonus to also be paid for anything we do generate! They are coming next Wednesday and Thursday to install!

How exciting Dan !,,I wish i had some