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Owl uses bird feeder as dinner-spotting spot!

An owl has been seen visiting our bird feeder on numerous occasions during the night.

Updated! We have updated the video on this clip of a more recent visit by the owl which shows it landing and taking off again. Very spectacular! If you would like to see another occasion when the owl visited our feeder, which was taken when this clip was posted, click here. The following description relates to this original clip.

An owl has been seen visiting our bird feeder on numerous occasions during the night. It is proving to be a dinner-spotting spot for the owl as it looks around looking for its next tasty bite. There should be lots for the owl to eat on these warm summer nights!

Or perhaps it was just finding a suitable spot from where it can get a good view of the Perseids meteor shower!


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It was exciting to see the camgrabs but even better to see the clip... thanks Dan. There was a time last night too between 2.41 and 2.46 a.m.

Hi Margaret - this is all I have of the owl unfortunately. I have set the record button to be continuous rather than motion triggered, so if it comes back, I will be able to get the whole lot

That will be great Dan... the owl has returned twice now so there is no reason to think that it won't come back again tonight... here's hoping.

Hi Margaret - well I made it "continuous" recording and because it's quite a high quality recording, it's used up all my hard disk space already! So i have put it back to motion detection but tweaked a few settings to make it more sensitive and to "pre-buffer" so hopefully capturing any inbound flights and what not and also more sensitive so it will keep recording even if the owl sits still for a while, so as to catch it, hopefully, fly away!

I think you've had a visit from a squirrel in the last couple of hours! There was a lovely Woodpecker on the peanuts a couple of hours ago. now it's been plundered. I;ve had to buy some Squirrel Buster feeders which work well, but I'm not sure they will take whole peanuts. Thanks for a great cam!

Hi Dan, sounds good... not a sign of the owl last night. Will check again tomorrow to see if it visits again overnight. Paul! the squirrel has visited quite a lot over the last few days and worked on the peanuts for quite a while the other day. I was expecting to see the peanuts fall out of the feeder but they didn't, thankfully.

So exciting to know that the owls are out and about. It was around this time, a few years ago, that I saw a parent and juvenile sitting on the LW sign. I was so excited, and I hope others have similar kinds of experiences, to see these beautiful owls on the cam..