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Woodpeckers, goldfinches and... kestrel?

Our bird feeder is very busy at the moment with lots of visiting birds! Here's a few secconds from this morning.

A few seconds of highlights from the LambWatch field birdfeeders this morning and we see an adult and juvenile greater spotted woodpecker pair, a group of goldfinches, and, what looks to be, a bird of prey, on the LambWatch sign. We wonder if it is a kestrel. What do you think?


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You may need to put the video on full screen to see the bird at the end on the sign... use the control on the video to make the clip full screen.

Lovely to see and yes, that bird of prey, possibly a kestrel, soon chased the other birds away. I'm not too sure about birds of prey; they do tend to look alike.

looks a bit like a kestrel but surprised to see it sitting calmly rather than going in for a strike... strange

Do you think, maybe, it was a young bird and wasn't quite sure what it was supposed to do?

It looks like a kestrel to me ,

Watching this clip again,it looks more like a Sparrow Hawk

I checked the RSPB bird book I have. My money is on a kestrel, but it's hard to tell for sure.