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How to make haylage - part two!

We managed to get our haylage baled and stored away today just in time!

On the third day of processing, we finally managed to get the haylage completed and stored today! This video shows the highlights of the day's work!

After a morning and early afternoon of constant haybobbing (spreading out the grass to dry) the grass was just about perfect for haylage. This is indicated by the tractor wheels being dry after doing a round of haybobbing. The contractors then arrived with their large tractors and machinery to finish off the job!

First the haylage is rowed up with a large machine and then shortly after, it is baled into large round bales. Following on from the baler is the wrapping machine which, well, wraps the bales! And all the while in between, you can see the family clearing up the rows between the tractors, with the rakes, making sure that as much of the grass gets baled as possible.

Finally, Howard comes along with the tractor to take them all away and store them in another field!

We will soon be putting the animals in the field to clean up and enjoy some fresh clean grazing, but it appears we have an early "bird" who has already made her way into the field with her two lambs! Can you spot them on the live stream?!


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Phew! That was one hectic afternoon and the speeded up parts reminded me of a mechanical Benny Hill film.. Great to watch!

Well, that was fun! Field picked clean as a whistle. And Dan, you looked about 1welve years old, and somehow stayed immacculate throughout. I'm just wondering why some of our farmers near me wrap their bales in white plastic rather than black, although we see black wrap as well. Great job - so happy the weather cooperated.

Yes very hectic !,So glad you got it done,before the rain came,I could see the black clouds coming in here and,keeping my fingers crossed worked, Well done !