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A day in the haylage field

Day one and two combined of making haylage while the sun shines at LambWatch HQ!

A video summary log of day one and two of making haylage while the sun shines at LambWatch HQ! Day one and two involves the cutting and spreading of the grass so that it can dry a little bit. We've been raking, forking and spreading the grass with the hay bob all day! It's left over night in rows to protect from morning dew and to allow the field to dry between the rows before baling tomorrow. For more action from the hay field, visit [link] where you can watch, 24/7 365 days a year!


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That is a huge amount of work to rake it all up. Love Howard's hat, which resembles a safari hat with ear-phones. thank you for letting us see this "new" corner of the farm!

I really enjoyed watching this and seeing more of the farm

It was interesting to see just how much work there is going on beyond the Lambwatch field. I would like to know what it was that Howard was picking up and discarding near the beginning of the video.

Howard was picking up and discarding large sods of earth which had been caught up in the mower during cutting.... removing them from the cut grass. If you look closely to the left of the field by the very big tree at the far side, you can just make out two dots moving about. This is Danield and Lynda raking hay out from under the big tree, out of the shade and into the sun. Its at the beginning of the clip after Howard has removed the sods and is doing it a bit of raking hbimself, manually and with the tractor

Thanks Lynda.